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UPD Consulting is EU company, branched from the topnotch innovative research-and-audit laboratory Fern Flower Lab, with main focus on solutions for e-commerce, q-commerce and on-line retail, logistics and fintech markets. We are from the world of High Performance and Cloud Computing. We have a vast experience in development of huge and extremely complex distributed systems together with major market players, namely Motorola, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Marvell, UberCloud, T-Platforms, Erlang Solutions among others. Our core team and company executives have been actively involved in a lot of European HPC projects such as HOlistic Performance System Analysis for Cern or ClustrX HPC OS for Moscow State University, have a solid experience in crypto and security and a wide range of demonstrated successful innovations for a global market.

We are big believers of "Applied AI" and of "Cognitive computing", we build distributed systems in High-Performance, Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing flavours with "Strong" and "Self organizing" paradigms in mind.

Exploding growth of x-commerce is a turning point, a real game changer of this century. It is one of the most important challenges for people like us, who have a hi-tech oriented state of mind directed into the future, wide range of fundamental competencies and unique empirical experience. Our mission is to assist society assimilate on this market, to let x-commerce grow and flourish.

And we do it - our team is passionate about developing powerful yet easy-to-use technologies that our customers love/highly estimate. And so do their customers.

Our IT solutions and consultancy services in the fields of Fashion, Logistics, Retail, HoReCa and e-Commerce are successfully used for years for most actively growing market players of Eastern Europe on their ways to success.


As experts in our field, we’re happy to provide consulting services to support our clients. We offer consulting for software architecture (including enterprise in general, and technology, data, information, integration, logistics and finances in particular). Also, we do consultancy in the fields of UX, data store and data processing. We may lead developers and engineers, curate a whole projects and do an auditing tasks.

We're also happy to assist your business on its way of transformation and digitisation.

Software Development

We design and implement modern and user-friendly applications and software systems, cloud-based applications and scalable data-platforms. We can also provide specialists to share their expertise, and support our clients’ development teams.

Key words for competencies and tools:
C, C++, Python, Clojure, ClojureScript, Erlang, Go, Java, Rust, Janet, Lua, Objective-C, Dart, Javascript, Typescript
NoSQL, SQL, BigData, NLP, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Data Warehousing, Transactions, Risk Control
Blockchain, Crypto, Smart Contracts, IoT, IMDG, Lambda, Kappa
Vue, React, Flutter, Quarkus, Spring, Tinkerpop, MQTT, AMQP, P2P

DKD is the cloud platform for processing poorly predictable data by non-uniform logical-driven applications. Initially built for in-house project of processing BigData using a documentary contracts and smart bidirectional indexes. Nowadays, the platform is massively used for tasks management, financial and logistical data processing by different companies and institutions. The term DKD is stands for Das Kluge Dokument (i.e. means "The Smart Document" in German).

DKDHUB is a permanent field of a persistently available code. It is like a marketplace, but for applications where every application is a monomorphic code or execution group.

The DKD meanings are:

Moreover, the platform provides tools for:

and much more...

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain (more technically, Computational Matrix) is a cloud computing environment for a complex data processing.

Compound of the bests in the Cloud computing and the High-Performance computing worlds.

It is built on top of:
  • In-Memory Data Grid for ultra-fast data access
  • Distributed computing engine for streaming and fast batch processing
  • Distributed wide column store NoSQL database
  • High-performance binary message-buses
  • Extremely flexible, simple and capable http engine
It is all glued and driven by a well constructed proprietary framework which is written in Clojure and Java. And accompanied by quickly extendable data-as-a-code logical modules.
ADC (Deliveries.PRO)

ADC (i.e. Analog to Digital Conversion) is a global project for markets of Eastern Europe directed to digitization in logistics, retail and finances.

It is the cross of two unique and powerful cloud platforms: DKD for data processing and TBT Cloud for processing complex logistical tasks.

The unified platform of ADC provides:

Starting from May 2022 the combined multi-cloud services are available for everyone in the EMEA region and are ready to be used around the globe. Sounds interesting for your business? Do not hesitate to ask us - just drop us a line by email or join us in social networks and we would be happy to assist you in your IT journey.


Z7 is a HEP (High-End Product) to delegate AI and ML powers to any digital business - stackable autonomous routing of data streams accompanied by automation and business intelligence that ruled by user defined conditions flow.

Doing such things became possible as a result of our researches belonging the next generation of our CMX product.

New CMX is a SON (self organizing network) with embedded data grid and extremely fast messaging support.

We started 10Y development cycle in June 2021 together with partners and expect to deliver wide public access in early 2024 while continuing to grow the product..

Traditionally all our joint projects have a deep and often sacral meaning. Z7 is not an exclusion:

Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the ocean-chaos of salty waters. She is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation, the indefinite ocean from which everything was born (including gods) in the religion of ancient Babylon. Tiamat mixed its waters with Abzu, thereby giving the beginning of the world. Classically she allegedly depicted in the form of a dragon or a hydra with seven heads.

Wanna know more or join? Feel free to ask the team directly!

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